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Harold "Speedy" Swift, a fan of Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees, saves from extinction the city's last horse-drawn trolley, operated by his girlfriend's grandfather.

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original title: Speedy

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Harold "Speedy" Swift, a fan of Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees, saves from extinction the city's last horse-drawn trolley, operated by his girlfriend's grandfather. Harold Swift, nicknamed Speedy, loves the New York Yankees more than anything. His preoccupation with baseball and the Yankees has prevented him from being able to focus on and thus keep the various jobs that he's had, such as as a soda jerk and cab driver. The one other thing he may love just as much is his girlfriend, Jane Dillon. After an adventurous trip to Coney Island together, Speedy realizes that he wants to marry Jane, which means needing to get and keep a job. But before she can get married, she wants to ensure that the affairs of her grandfather, Pop Dillon, are finalized. He owns and operates the last horse drawn streetcar in New York City, in what is perhaps the most idyllic section of town. Most of the big streetcar companies want to buy Pop out for a song, but when Speedy learns that there is a planned merger of all streetcar services in New York City which cannot go ahead until all the smaller franchisees, such as Pop, are bought out, Speedy encourages Pop to hold out for a lucrative deal. As such, the large streetcar owners work nefariously behind the scenes to ruin Pop's business. Speedy, with the help of Pop's equally aged friends and a stray dog that followed Speedy home from Coney Island, do whatever they can to make sure Pop has what is truly coming to him, which may not happen if they can't stop the wrong-doings of those big streetcar companies. One thing that I don't like and why I avoid old silent movies is the poor print quality. I just saw this movie on TCM and it was restored and looked like a new movie. This made it interesting right from the start. All those exterior scenes of NYC were precious along with the scenes with Babe Ruth. This movie was a real treat and I will be looking for more like this. SPEEDY is one of Harold Lloyd's most delightful movies, a fast-paced love letter to 1920s New York City. It's certainly one of his funniest movies, with a lot of clever gags and flourishes. The title cards are great too; out of all the silent comedians and comediennes working during this decade, I don't think a single one had better titles in their pictures than Harold Lloyd did.

The story is simple: Harold "Speedy" Swift is a go-getter who goes from one job to the next, though he never lets his spotty luck get him down. When his girlfriend's grandfather is in danger of losing his horse-drawn streetcar to the forces of modernity and big business corruption, Lloyd has to help the old guy from having his business sabotaged by greedy businessmen. The story is very loose: about twenty minutes of this eighty-six minute movie are devoted to Speedy and his girl having fun at Coney Island, with little that happens in those twenty minutes contributing to the overall story in any big way, but it does not matter. The movie is more about clever sight gags, the energetic NYC atmosphere, and likable characters, which makes it a good film to relax with after a long day at work.


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